Phonics assessment concerns

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literacy assessment

literacy assessment

All children are to be given a formal phonics check at six years old. This is in line with the education policy as decided by the new Conservative Government.

The results of the check will be used as a baseline to identify necessary intervention and track progress. If you want the best for your pupils then it is important that their first educational statistics are positive.

  • Do you know your pupils’s reading age or standardised literacy score ?
  • Do you know how your children compare nationally ?
  • Do you need materials matched exactly to their literacy ability ?
  • Do you need evidence of progress ?
  • Are you concerned that your pupils might be dyslexic ?
  • Is your school’s data accurate ?

Standardised assessments will compare your children’s performance to that of children throughout the country and provide you with an accurate reading age and a standardised score in an easily understandable format. In addition you will gain a valuable insight into your children’s literacy progress with charts to show their improvement.

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