Tips for teachers

Here are a range of useful tips to help you foster a love of reading in your school :

  1. Regularly read aloud a variety of texts that are suitable for the age and ability of your readers.
  2. Provide opportunities for pupils to discuss and debate different types of texts (eg instructional, fictional, informative) in order to develop a community of readers.
  3. Help students locate books that interest and motivate them and encourage them to share the book choices with other readers.
  4. Put in place regular groupwork that involves specific teaching of texts designed to engage pupils to read.
  5. Ensure pupils have access to age-related, interesting books in the classroom and the school library.
  6. Be aware that reading in teenage pupils may not be considered a “cool” activity and teachers need to use positive peer pressure to foster a culture that it is acceptable to read.
  7. Assess literacy ability on a regular basis to identify pupils who need support and implement literacy intervention strategies as appropriate.

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